UNISEX BAG – Style: MPSS-117

Spring 2021 Collections

Style: MPSS-117
Size: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
Available Colours: Black, Tan and Dark Brown

“Exclusively Made For You”

Handmade Italian leather ‘Unisex bag’. Made from semi-soft leather. This bag is made from the finest Italian leather, sourced from tanneries who are members with the Italian Leather Consortium and has only one section on the inside, meaning, one large pocket, which is big enough to carry an Apple MacBook 17″ along with other essentials such as chargers, smartphone, wallet, keys, scarf, shoes and some clothing. You may also carry a compact camera along with other essentials. This size is perfect as a carry on bag along with your cabin size suitcase (as per most international flights – however, please check with your airlines to be sure of the new baggage requirements). Try not to overload your bag or not to put in sharp objects, these could cut the leather. The average weight this bag should be able to carry at ease is around 3-4 kg. The handles are designed extra large, thus, giving a raw look and designed to be a rough and tough carry-bag. The average size of the handles / strap is around 75cm. The bag does not have a buckle, it has a flap, which can either be pushed inside the bag to cover your things or, left outside. 

The handle / straps of the bag can be crafted as per your needs and, if needed, we can also craft a belt which can strap around the bag and lock in to it’s buckle, thus to give a locking security.

You are welcome to choose the colour of your choice and I shall handcraft this design Exclusive for You (please check ORDERS & DElIVERIES section for details).