You are someone very special, unique and, one of the finest creations from Our Universe. So why not pamper yourself with some fine bespoke creations, ‘exclusively made for you’. Something so unique, which no one else has. Imagine, what it would be like, to walk with something, as unique as You, yourself!

Yes, You get to choose Your own design, and then choose from our selection of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium or even some fine exotic leathers, sourced from authorised dealers, registered with the European Union traders association. Together with some fine materials such as: 925 sterling silver / 9k or 18k gold buckles, and if you want, even your name imposed on Your creations. All, because You are someone Very Special for Us.

I am eager to listen to Your ideas, and, see any drawings if you may have any. Share with me as much details possible, about your ideas and, we shall team together, to work on these to craft some fine works of arts ‘exclusively for you’. Please email me at: with the subject: Bespoke creations and, allow me to get back to you in about 1-2 days to follow up.

Presenting some of our BESPOKE works, Exclusively Made on Orders