Orders and Deliveries

Please use the CONTACT section of my website and message me the items SKU you would want to order, along with your delivery address and I shall reply you with our prices which will include VAT 21% and shipping costs.

All my creations are 100% Handmade, by Me, with quality Italian leather from tanneries who are members with Genuine Italian Vegetable – Tanned Leather Consortium. I work very traditionally and the old fashioned way, using my hands with tools such as an awl to punch holes in the leather, a blade or scissors to cut the leather, and needles to stitch the leather. I use saddle stitching, which is considered both, strong and one of the oldest forms of stitching leather too! I  also use quality Italian materials such as the finest waxed cotton threads and even the buckles I use are handmade by an artist in Italy. Although the buckles often have an antique vintage brass look, however these are made of metal. Since all my creations are handcrafted, hence, this is one reason, you will see some rough and or raw finishing and maybe, some un-even stitches too. Thats because, I do not use any machines not even for the finishing works. This gives a true vintage look and makes all my creations authentic as it can be. I do not make products for the mass, I craft art for those, who believe in themselves and believe the value of an art and want to cherish my creations, just as nature has made us all, authentic and unique.

You are welcome to have my creations “Exclusive for You”. Let me know the design you like from my collections and the colour of the leather you would want (you are welcome to choose from a collections I have in offer as per the attached photo), and, I shall handcraft one exclusively for you. Please also make a note, that; for leather colours such as black, brown and tan which are considered both elegant and classic, I often have stock of these, so if you were to choose from any of these colours, then I can craft your orders within 4-5 days. For other colours such as maroon, green, blue, yellow, beige and the like, please check with me, since you might have to give me some extra time to work on these, because, I don’t often stock too many of these colours. Of course, before we confirm your order, I shall show you the photo of the leather. And, I prefer to use a contrast of the colour of the thread, as you see, most of my creations have an off-white colour thread, this is very eye-catching. And finally, I do not copy other designs to handcraft my creations. All the designs you see are my own creations, so when you order something exclusive for yourself, you will be choosing one of my designs and a colour of your preference. 


You are welcome to partner together to carry my creations in your Boutiques. Please use the CONTACT section of my website, and tell me about your Boutique and your business goals and share your contact details and I shall get back to you within 1-2 business days and discuss on our business developments. And, be sure, I work with one boutique for each new markets, thus giving you an advantage to work exclusively with our creations.

Please use the CONTACT section of my website and message me the items Sku you need and the colour of your choice. Most of the time I work on orders, meaning, I get orders, I create them and deliver to prospect buyers. I try to make photos of all my creations and share on my Facebook page and Instagram. Many of them may also be displayed on my website too! For the rest, its all work on orders. You are welcome to message me the style or the item you want for e.g. the SKU numbers. This will enable me to understand what you want and, accordingly, I can craft these for you. It could take me some 4-5  days to prepare new orders, at times it may take longer, but which-ever-be the matter, I shall let you know. Please make a note, I create art with my hands, not mass products in machines, so the more time I put in my crafts, the more you will enjoy to define your lifestyle, therefore, let’s please not rush in with your custom made orders.

In Europe, the postal services are reliable and reasonably affordable, unless, for bulk items. I work with both, the postal services which takes around 5-6 days for delivery within Europe and I work with TNT courier services, which takes around 2-3 days for urgent deliveries. Either way, I will try to look for the most affordable option for your deliveries. Unless you want it really urgent, then I can also look up for such urgent delivery options too.

I prefer online bank transfers. This is both cheaper and safer and cuts costs on the transaction fee for credit cards and or PayPal. You will receive my banking details in the pro-forma invoice which I will email you detailing your orders along with the estimate delivery time.

All the web-prices we quote are including VAT and shipping costs. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice. Please make a note, if your delivery address is outside the European Union states, then you may have to pay import and custom and or other such duties and taxes, together with the costs of the courier company for their clearing and forwarding fees (clearing the goods from customs, preparing those documents and then delivery to you). You must check on these to avoid any miss-understandings later.

I am sorry but I cannot take any returns and or make an exchange, especially because all/most of your orders are custom crafted ‘Exclusively For You’. Each of my creations are handmade and I craft them all with all my love and passion, therefore, each of my art is well crafted and packed for deliveries. Upon receiving your parcel, if you feel your parcel is damaged by the courier/postal services or seemed to have been opened, you should refuse to accept that and make a photo and email me. We can claim those as damages from the postal-insurance, and this way, we will be safe with our investments. Please make a note, I can always insure your orders before I courier them, however, these will cost a bit more tough.

You are welcome to share your feedbacks and suggestions through the CONTACT section of my website. When you use the contact section, all messages come to me. And of course, if you have any questions and or concerns, please write to me and I shall reply to you within 1-2 days and if need be, we can always grab a video conference over Skype to answer all your concerns.

I thank you and wish you good health, happiness, wellness and goodness always 🙂