“I craft my creations from all the love and joy I feel while in harmony with Our Universe. Each creation leaves me with immense happiness, knowing, that I have touched my inner silence through my creative insights”. Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti – founder SOBTI 

I travel to Florence, in Italy, to be able to personally shop for all my needs. I just don’t buy any leather. I let my fingers gently touch the character of the leather and feel the union between us. Once I feel in harmony, I buy it, to craft my dreams with all my passion. Each of my creations is first imagined, then sketched on paper and finally made to cherish forever, from the finest Italian leather. I buy my leather from tanneries who are members with Genuine Italian Vegetable – Tanned Leather Consortium. This assures me both, of the highest quality standards and at the same time, support the cause behind the theme, to promote the tradition of vegetable tanning. I still work the old fashioned Italian way with my crafts, I use my hands, using; an awl, divider, ruler, blade or scissors and needles and cotton waxed thread for all my works. I do not use any machine, as a matter of fact, I do not have any machine and neither can I do any leather works on a machine. This is one reason, parts of my creations remain raw, or some would say – not finely finished, unlike those other handmade – but finishing done by machines. Each of my creations is authentic, unique and of the highest quality. After all, I create them with all my love and passion for my crafts, for those individuals who want to cherish art in its true sense, to define their own lifestyle.

Born in Calcutta – City of Joy, now known as Kolkata, in India, I grew up with our rich Indian heritage and a diversified society with strong religious views towards life and works. Although I am myself not religious, rather, a spiritual person, or as often said, ‘person of nature’. I’ve read and cherished Osho wisdom, and even took to Osho Sanyas, which has also been part of my self grooming and being in constant harmony with Our Universe. I feel life has blessed me good, and, wants me to learn lots more, hence, since the year 2000 I’ve been extremely lucky to have lived, traveled and worked in Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Trinidad, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Sweden,  and now living and working with my studio from India, Poland, Netherlands, and Italy, I feel I am living life at its best while working with my creativity. My creations are available online, through my website, and or via my Facebook page, and a part of my creations are also on sale at Handmade Leather Boutique I do not have a physical studio, yet, this helps me keep my costs low and at the same time, gives me the advantage to travel and learn from life and blend those experiences to my works.

“I create my crafts with all my love, care and passion, and with each creation, I feel bliss and in harmony with Our Universe” – Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti