Messenger Bag Set ‘Silver Edition’ – Style: MPSS-112-1

Spring 2018 Collections

Style: MPSS-112-1
Size: 26cm x 22cm x 9cm
Belt size: around 95cm / 100cm
Available colours: Black, Dark Brown, Tan

“Exclusively Made For You”

Handmade Italian leather, ‘Unisex Messenger Style Bag – Silver Edition” – 925 Sterling Silver buckles Handmade in Italy, for Men and Women (PS: the photo is the design for Men’s collection whereas, the Women’s bag has smaller buckles) 

This set consists of Handmade Italian leather Bag, casual wallet/executive wallet, business card folder, smart-phone case and wrist watch strap with a 925 Sterling Silver buckle (optional; exclusively made for Men and Women, as per the design of their wrist watch).

This set is handmade, using the finest Italian leather, sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian Leather Consortium and accessories handmade in Italy. This set is designed both for Men and Women (the Women’s version has a smaller buckle though, also, made of 925 Sterling Silver, handmade in Italy). This bag is made from soft leather. This bag has one large section, meaning, just one large pocket, which can easily take in an Apple iPad, smart phone, wallet, sun-glasses and keys and other such essentials. The buckle is made of 925 Sterling Silver, handmade in Florence, in Italy. The average weight this bag should be able to take is around 2-3 kg, please try not to overload the bag and, please do not put any sharp objects, this might tear off the leather.

You are welcome to choose the colour of your choice and I shall handcraft this design Exclusive for You (please check ORDERS & DElIVERIES section for details)