Handmade Italian Leather Mystique Gold Set – Smartphone case and Bracelet with 9k Gold – Style: MPSS-110

Style: MPSS-110
Available colours: Black, Dark Brown, Tan

In my Special Mystique Gold Set, ‘Exclusively Made For You’ I offer;
i. Handmade Italian leather smartphone case. Made from the finest leather and stitched with 9K Gold wiring. For this model, I used 2 layers of leather to craft the smartphone case and this fits in for an Apple iPhone 6S plus. And my partner stitched the smartphone case with 9k Gold wiring. 

You are welcome to have a custom made leather smartphone case with 9k Gold wiring. All you need to do is, share with me the details of your smartphone, model, name and even better the dimensions too. This will enable me to craft a leather smartphone case which will suit your needs. I will make sure to have it made a bit bigger, that will help you to put-in and pull-out your smartphone at ease, especially when in hurry. And its always better to have a size bigger.

ii. Handmade Bracelet, made with the same leather as the smart-phone case, thus, giving it an authentic style and stitched with 9k Gold wiring. The Buckle is handmade in Florence, in Italy from 9k Gold. We have one size and design for all. 

You are requested to let me know what colour you would prefer, and we will make the both the Smartphone case and Bracelet from the same leather and will be stitched with 9k Gold wiring ‘Exclusively For You’