Women’s Work Essentials

Style: MPSS-105-1
Executive Bag (also available with shoulder belt)
Business card/credit cards case
Executive smart wallet
Smart phone case



Women’s Executive Essentials Set – Exclusively Made for You
Available colours: Tan, Black & Dark Brown
(also available in colours such as Fiesta (red), Green, Blue and Yellow upon orders)

Handmade Italian leather ‘Women’s Executive Essential Set’. This set has a collection of;

i. Executive Bag (size 26cm x 22cm x 9cm this size fits in Apple iPad 1st generation and bags are also available for laptop size 11″ and 13″ and 15″); which has one large section, meaning, one pocket, which can easily take in an Apple iPad′, along with other essentials such as a charger, smart-phone, wallet, car-keys, scarf, compact camera, A4 size file and the like. This model does not include a belt for the Bag, however, this can be made ‘Exclusively Made for You’ for an extra cost of Euro 60 belt size 100cm.

ii. Smart-phone case; ‘Exclusively Made for You’ – you must give us your smart-phone model, so that, we will have a smart-phone case “exclusively made for you” otherwise, we have a universal smart-phone case, which fits in an Apple iPhone 6s plus easily

iii. Executive Wallet; this wallet has one large section for currencies and can fit in both Euros and US Dollars and other currency notes of such sizes. 4 front sections for credit cards, which can easily take 4 credit/debit cards or squeeze in some 4-6 cards. 1 sections below the cards level, which can take in cards, currency notes or any such items

iv. Business card case; our business card case is designed which can take both business cards and even credit/debit cards some other essentials paper-notes if needed. Around 20 cards in each section can fit in and there are 2 sections in this case

v. Wrist-watch strap; we will be delighted to add a wrist-watch strap for free along with this offer, please let us know the model of your wrist-watch and we shall design a strap ‘Exclusively for You’. For your idea, we have included a photo along with our presentation