Men’s Work Essentials

Style: MPSS-104-1
Executive Bag (also available with shoulder belt)
Business cards/credit cards case
Executive or Casual wallet
Smart-Phone case
Wrist-watch strap 



Men’s Executive Essentials Set – Exclusively Made for You
Available colours: Tan, Black & Dark Brown

Handmade Italian leather ‘Men’s Executive Essential Set’. This set has a collection of;

i. Executive Bag (size 33cm x 23cm x 9cm this size fits in an Apple MacBook Air 11″ and, bags are also available for laptop size 13″ and 15″); which has one large section, meaning, one pocket, which can easily take in an Apple MacBook Air 11′, along with other essentials such as a charger, smart-phone, wallet, car-keys, scarf, compact camera, A4 size file and the like. This model does not include a belt for the Bag, however, this can be made ‘Exclusively Made for You’ for an extra cost of Euro 60 belt size 100cm.

ii. Smart-phone case; ‘Exclusively Made for You’ – you must give us your smart-phone model, so that, we will have a smart-phone case “exclusively made for you” otherwise, we have a universal smart-phone case, which fits in an Apple iPhone 6s plus easily

iii. Executive Wallet; this wallet has one large section for currencies and can fit in both Euros and US Dollars and other currency notes of such sizes. 8 front sections for credit cards, which can easily take 8 credit/debit cards or squeeze in some 8-12 cards. 2 sections below the cards level, which can take in cards, currency notes or any such items

iv. Business card case; our business card case is designed which can take both business cards and even credit/debit cards some other essentials paper-notes if needed. Around 20 cards in each section can fit in and there are 2 sections in this case

v. Wrist-watch strap; our wrist watch strap is designed to take a watch with average dimensions of around 40mm to 44mm case size, with a 22mm – 24mm pin. Thus giving it a sort of universal strap for sturdy men’s watch. You are welcome to give us your wrist watch model, and we shall try and have an ‘Exclusively Made Watch Strap for You’