925 Sterling Silver Handmade Bracelet – Style: SL-117-BR

Style: SL-117-BR
Weight: 15g
Size: 18cm
(6mm x 1.2mm)

925 Sterling Silver Handmade Bracelet

This Unisex, Sterling Silver bracelet, is handmade, using 925 silver rectangular wire, which is around 6mm x 1.2mm in dimensions and it is around 18cm long, and free-size. The design is hammered by hand, using a balance weight, and, the bracelet is not polished, rather, brushed clean, thus, giving a rough and raw finishing to the bracelet.

Your initials or even a short message, using English alphabets can also be hammered on the bracelet back. So, here’s your chance to let flow your creativity, in a message for yourself, or your loved ones.  The bracelet is stamped with 925. And is around 15g. Please make a note, the weight and size are always average measures.